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European small volume distribution partners for Nye Lubricants, LIP Antifriction Coatings, Colourlock, Contralube, Lederzentrum, LanoProtect, BLC Leather Technology, Raytech and others. Newgate Online offer online purchasing of speciality chemicals, lubricants and engineering products to industry and retail. Payments are taken via credit and debit cards. See About Us page for more information.

In addition to our numerous partnerships, Newgate Online offer a range of exclusive, niche application products for a variety of market sectors, including the Squeaks & Rattles Kit. Please browse our products by application, manufacturer or product name.

Our products featured on TV!! - Lederzentrum Elephant Leather Preserver featured on Fast N Loud (season 4, episode 3) on the Discovery Channel !!

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Featured Products
  1. 132B 60ml bottle

    Synthetic Oil 132B, 60ml bottle


    A light, synthetic hydrocarbon oil fortified with anti-wear additives, for bearing applications Learn More
  2. AC F27 40ml Felt Pen

    AC F27, 40ml felt pen


    A clear, tough, dry film lubricant with superb anti-squeak properties designed for plastic surfaces

    Learn More
  3. 605 500ml bottle

    Synthetic Oil 605, 500ml bottle


    An ester oil intended for powdered metal parts & gears - originally designed as a supercharger oil Learn More
  4. Squeaks & Rattles Kit

    Squeaks & Rattles Kit


    The Squeaks and Rattles Kit is used to eliminate unwanted interior trim noise by automotive professionals Learn More
  5. 374A 100gram tube

    Rheolube 374A, 100gram tube


    A lithium soap thickened, medium viscosity grease recommended by Boeing for use on Landing Gear - BMS3-43 Learn More
  6. PEOX Paste 50gram Jar

    PEOX 612 Paste, 50gram jar


    Multipurpose antifriction coating paste that eliminates vehicle interior trim noise Learn More
  7. 774VH 100gram tube

    Nyogel 774VH, 100gram tube


    A stiff, silica thickened, very heavy viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon damping grease

    Learn More
  8. 760G 100gram tube

    Nyogel 760G, 100gram tube


    Grease for the protection of electrical, electronic & data contacts/connections Learn More
  9. Mild Leather Cleaner

    Mild Leather Cleaner, 125ml bottle


    A mild leather cleaner that is effective but gentle and so is ideal for most leather surfaces

    Learn More
  10. Leather Protector

    Leather Protector, 150ml bottle


    A complex care cream that protects leather and keeps the surface soft and comfortable Learn More
  11. Hobbyist Lubricant Kit

    Hobbyist Lubricant Kit


    Multi-purpose kit of three synthetic lubricants for the professional and amateur hobbyist - will last for years!

    Learn More
  12. Elephant Leather Preserver

    Elephant Leather Preserver, 125gram tin


    A wax treatment for leathers exposed to harsh conditions and for antique leather preservation

    Learn More
  13. Contralube 8gram sachet

    Contralube 770, 8gram sachet


    1 x 8gram sachet of Contralube 770 - weather proofing dielectric protection gel for power & data connections

    Learn More
  14. Contralube 770 25gram Tube

    Contralube 770, 25gram tube


    25grams of weather proofing dielectric protection gel for power and data connectors/connections

    Learn More
  15. AC612/21 50ml Pump Spray

    AC612/21, 50ml pump spray


    Multipurpose antifriction coating liquid that eliminates vehicle interior trim noise Learn More